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At Spark Sessions, we’re extremely passionate about coaching. This leads to rewarding results and positive customer experiences. The Business experience  of our team brings creativity and a professional level of dedication that sets us apart from the competition. We strive to be the preferred coaching team in the startup mentoring business.


Olivia Garrett

Chief Administrative Officer

Olivia Garrett is an essential part of our team. Olivia has been with Spark Sessions from the beginning. As our Chief Administrative Officer, she works tirelessly facilitating a functional classroom environment. Olivia manages communication, and disseminates information to the community maximizing participation.

Tammy B. Herod


At Spark Sessions, we always put our customers first - which means only hiring the most passionate and skilled people. Tammy Herod founder and CEO of Spark Sessions has created an atmosphere that inspires professionalism, creativity and a compassion to serve the community.


Arnold Houston

Chief Operation Officer

Arnold Houston provides direction and creates an environment that inspires compassion and creativity. His vast experience and passionate leadership gives our Spark Sessions team the confidence to move forward fearlessly.

To hear more about our impressive team, give us a call today.

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